Whenever Mabel is stuck matchmaking Li’l Gideon, She asks Wendy in the event the she’s ever broke up with a boy

Whenever Mabel is stuck matchmaking Li’l Gideon, She asks Wendy in the event the she’s ever broke up with a boy

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Wendy is a mellow, down-to-earth, tomboyish, fun-enjoying, and you can somewhat slow adolescent. She’s a part-big date staff member from the Puzzle Shack. She essentially requires a positive frame-of-mind, is close to always amicable, that’s rarely seen getting moody otherwise moody. Wendy can be like all other typical teen who would like to become a grown-up. She’s experienced several dating with males for example Ruster Om, Eli Hall, Stoney Davidson, Mike Huerley, Nate Holt, a keen unnamed son which have tattoos, Danny Felman, and you will Mark Epstein (whom she forgot to-break up with) and, as of “The full time Traveler’s Pig”, Robbie. She appears to be amicable and you can ample to Dipper although he could be young than simply she’s.


At most recent period of fifteen, Wendy try a highly high and you may skinny senior school student. She’s got rather pale surface and you will freckles, environmentally friendly vision, a lot of time auburn hair, which will be constantly seen wearing a bronze-and-brownish lumberjack hat, probably given that Manly Dan, this lady father, are a lumberjack. This lady basic dress are an effective jade plaid top having a white tank better the lower, black colored leggings, and you may muddy rain shoes. She also wears gray/bluish earrings that is sporadically seen with a name level. She was also viewed wearing a purple plaid best as opposed to the girl typical jade plaid best into the “Mabel’s Guide to Colour”. Wendy has also been seen dressed in cuffed pants, a black colored container ideal with a good wolf involved together jade plaid shirt tied up up to this lady waist for the “The final Mabelcorn”. When you look at the “Weirdmageddon Part step one” she wears a light tank most useful together bamboo top tied doing this lady sides, a remove off bamboo cloth tied doing the lady lead, fingerless black colored gloves, and two black colored streak coated less than her eyes.

Part from the collection

Wendy is actually first seen when Grunkle Stan requires this lady to put signs up on the trees. She is reading a paper, immediately after which says it’s too ‘far away’ on her to-do. Later on event, she gets Dipper the latest keys to the latest Puzzle Cart and alerts your in order to “Never struck people pedestrians.”

She’s later on viewed working at the ticket sit with Dipper into the Headhunters, stating that Grunkle Stan probably bribed men and women to arrive at select the latest huge initiating off Wax Stan, as the she was bribed by herself.

Wendy upcoming begins to identify all the fresh new men the woman is broken up with and is very active doing so one to she doesn’t find Mabel making. Afterwards, their current “boyfriend” calls her, and you can she ignores it.

Inside “The new Inconveniencing”, the woman is getting together with Dipper and you will Mabel. She leads these to her miracle rooftop hiding place but in the near future actually leaves whenever their family unit members arrive. Later on, she allows Dipper and you may Mabel ahead with her and you may this lady household members into quit Dusk dos Beginning. She helps Dipper, defending him of a lot of her friends’ insults. She activities with the rest of the woman friends into the Dusk dos Start. In the event the spirits out of Pa and you may Ma assault, she, Dipper, and you will Robbie end up as really the only of them maybe not focused. She observe Dipper when he do the newest Lamby Lamby Dance to quell Pa and you can Ma. Pursuing the ghosts hop out, along with her family members try came back, she features Dipper’s romancetale wonders concerning the moving. She then identifies which they will be stay at the Puzzle Shack the very next time it hang out.

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