Yusei Fudo are been shown to be a pal in order to both Leo and you may Luna

Yusei Fudo are been shown to be a pal in order to both Leo and you may Luna

Leo has shown good protectiveness and you can jealousy when someone flirts with his sis, or when she reveals romantic need for someone (particularly in japan adaptation). [9] Following fight with Z-you to definitely, Leo blushes upon seeing Luna during the the latest clothing, commenting in it if you’re turning away and you may smiling (being substantially flustered). [16]

Yusei Fudo

Leo seems as much as him given that better Duelist they have ever understood. Yusei gave Leo of a lot info regarding duelling features passionate Leo becoming better yet. This really is viewed immediately following Leo face against Devack, to which when you look at the Duel Yusei sees you to definitely Leo was duelling even more carefully, understanding that he’s altered and you may grown as their first Duel. [17] Due to this, following Duel concludes, Yusei congratulates and you will tells Leo that he performed really. [18]

Jack Atlas

Into the occurrence 13, Leo is actually proven to esteem Jack Atlas from the time new latter reigned while the Queen. He has got figurines of Jack and his awesome “Red-colored Dragon Archfiend”, however thinks of Yusei since the ideal Duelist following Fortune Glass, much in order to Jack’s irritation. Even in the event he do think that, Leo was passionate from the Jack in order to become a Duelist. Within the Duel against Aporia, Jack observes new stuff about Leo and you will asserted that Leo manage include somebody at any cost even when it indicates giving up their lifetime. [8] not seen continuously, Jack indicates concern getting Leo, as the a mature buddy, and says to Leo to never give up attacking (and this happens when Aporia tries to get Leo to give up, if in case Leo passes away regarding Aporia’s assault if you will). [7]

Akiza Izinski

Leo looks to Akiza Izinski while the a great Duelist, even in the event she went around the girl alias, new “Black Rose”. Even when he had been slightly afraid of their, the guy still-admired her efficiency. He desires to become rated on top of his category such as for example the woman is. He also relied on the girl to stand upwards due to their best in order to Duel when you look at the Duel Academy. [19] The guy will identifies their due to the fact “Large Sis Aki”, and also higher admiration and fascination with the woman particularly a sis. (Japanese type simply). [20] [21]

Bob and you can Dexter

Bob and Dexter try Leo’s family, when he can be seen to hang out using them within Duel Academy (and also recognized Dexter prior to he fulfilled Yusei). [19] [9] [22]


Such as the almost every other members of Team 5D’s, the guy noticed Aporia as the an opponent. Before Aporia appeared the very first time Leo currently had a specific grudge to your their embodiment Lester. Inside the Duel regarding the Divine Temple, Aporia usually brought about Leo to feel anxiety because of the assaulting Jack and you can Luna, but alternatively, Leo replied from the fighting courageously and you will died if you will, however was renewed once the a beneficial Signer, with Jack and you can Luna, the guy reveals Aporia guarantee. [7] [8] During Aporia’s Duel up against Z-you to definitely, Leo demonstrated respect to the Aporia and you will was always alarmed when he got hurt. Whenever Aporia died, Leo was shown to be sadder than someone else, he then angrily scolded Z-you to definitely for eliminating your. Before Aporia Dueled Z-one to he told Leo he watched the fresh promise he owned within your, hence hope was the same you to Aporia got looking to. [10] [23]

Leo try a Foot Fetish dating apps predetermined Flame indication ruled by Sun. Just like the 5th check in the zodiac, the fresh Leo individual are committed, confident, separate, devoted and you can nice. These are magnetized and you will important folks who are especially in their feature when they have a keen appreciative audience. Greatest Leos include Mick Jagger (July twenty six), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (July twenty-eight) Martha Stewart (August step three), and Expenses Clinton (August 19). Leo is assumed off due to the fact an effective “royal” sign along with their icon, the lion otherwise queen of one’s jungle, which is wise and discreet, whether or not this extremely ability of its character can get subject these to be slightly vain and overbearing.

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