Though Jay have not got sex having Linzi, Bex states one to Thelma’s allegations was genuine

Though Jay have not got sex having Linzi, Bex states one to Thelma’s allegations was genuine

Bex confides in the Stacey in the Shakil attempting to make love, exactly who says so it so you can Martin; Martin interrupts Shakil’s party, however, later on apologises to Bex

Bex requires Louise Mitchell to school on her first day and whenever Louise enjoys a fight, Jay Brownish accumulates this lady and also the woman she had a fight that have turns out to be Jay’s wife, Linzi Bragg. Bex and Louise tell Jay one to Linzi is Bex’s friend, Celebrity, and that’s fourteen. Linzi becomes disturb when Jay are determined everything is over, and you will Bex amenities their. Bex tells Linzi’s mother, Thelma Bragg regarding relationship, and you will explains Jay in order to the girl whenever she requires understand who has been making love that have Linzi. Jay was arrested and you will Bex was questioned of the police. Immediately following Bex informs Sonia that she’s had gender, Sonia, Sharon Mitchell and you may Honey Mitchell, talk to their and Louise concerning demands and you can consequences out-of sex, but Bex implies that this lady has perhaps not got intercourse. Whenever Sonia discovers a lump within her nipple, she says to Bex, who fears you to definitely Sonia enjoys cancer tumors, however it turns out to be a cyst. Bex keeps a beneficial break for the newcomer Shakil Kazemi which is jealous when Louise flirts that have your. From the Martin and you can Stacey’s reception, Bex and you can Shakil hug, seen by the an envious Louise. Martin cannot deal with Bex matchmaking, and immediately after disputes anywhere between concludes for Bex’s sake.

Tina’s mother, Sylvie Carter, later movements in with Sonia and Tina, however, Bex will not cope taking good care of their whenever Sonia and you will Tina are not doing. Bex try stunned when Shakil tells the lady he desires to enjoys gender together with her. Bex tells him you to this woman is perhaps not able to possess intercourse and you will she covers it which have Louise, which tells the lady Shakil will not await long. Just after getting guidance of Louise, Bex chooses to changes the lady physical appearance.

Shakil implies in order to Bex it upload explicit photographs out-of themselves to both instead of intercourse

Sonia exists work into the Kettering and Martin and you can Stacey consent having Bex to live with these people. Bex is aggravated and you will troubled having Sonia and you can refuses to say so long, however, Tina organizes so they are able speak. Bex try distressed and you will Shakil conveniences this lady. Bex moves inside which have Martin and Stacey, but is not able to cope with the overcrowding until they move into Sonia’s dated family. When Bex discovers Shakil have purchased condoms, she cancels the woman 16th birthday party to stop him. Stacey advises Bex to tell Shakil just how she seems. If the couple try alone when you look at the Bex’s space, she stops your out of supposed further than kissing, so the guy calls her frigid. Although not, Shakil apologises to help you Bex and she forgives him. Bex learns from Louise and you can Shakil that folks is speaking in the their relationships and you will regarding the the girl and you will Shakil lacking sex. Just after talking with Louise and you may Tina, Bex chooses to need a specific images. She says to Louise she has not sent the fresh new photos and you may believes Shakil is not in search of their when he ignores the woman. Bex face Shakil on the their overlooking this lady and you will Bex admits so you’re able to Shakil one she didn’t need certainly to split regulations and dreaded new images are mutual, but apologises for hurting their attitude. Bex after that says to Shakil she wants to have sex having him and they try to plan a location and you can go out that they is by yourself. Bex goes bullet so you’re able to Shakil’s, as the their mother Carmel Kazemi and you can brother Kush is actually out and you can he’s gender. Instantly afterwards, Shakil observes Bex and you may Louise speaking and assumes on Bex is telling Louise about any of it, so he ignores Bex and you can does not want to give the lady if they will still be together. Bex requires Stacey how-to determine if you happen to be making love best and you can teaches you exactly how Shakil was operating on the the woman. Bex is disappointed whenever Shakil alter their on the web condition so you can solitary. An upset Bex tells Stacey she’s started dumped, which informs Martin and you can the woman is remaining ashamed when Martin publicly keeps a chance at the Shakil. Martin’s brother and you may godmother, Kathy Beale attempts to justify his steps, however, Bex won’t forgive Martin otherwise Stacey up to she observe Shakil hug Louise included in the Christmas play. Bex suggests Louise an effective prospectus to have a school once deciding she means a brand new start but chooses to stay at their school’s sixth form to review A-Membership.

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